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Invenio Solutions

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: Invenio Solutions, Austin, TX
Company Description: Invenio Solutions is a full-service sales firm focused on high-quality lead development and outsourced sales. Backed by an experienced team of Sales Scientists™, we offer a comprehensive and unique package of services that delivers market-leading results and significant return on investment for clients.
Nomination Category: Sales Awards Achievement Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Sales Training or Coaching Program of the Year

Nomination Title: Invenio Solutions' Science of Sales Training & Coaching Program

Tell the story about your organization's sales training and/orvcoaching program since the beginning of July 2013 (up to 650 words). Focus on specific accomplishments, and relate these accomplishments to past performance or industry norms. Be sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and outcomes:

Invenio Solutions has perfected a Science of Sales™ methodology by developing and implementing a cutting-edge sales training and coaching process. Invenio’s Sales Scientists, dubbed “Inveniologists”, are trained to break down and analyze the sales process formulaically, setting Invenio apart from the competition.

Training begins with the Academy of Sales Science. The differentiating factors that propel Invenio’s training above competitors include:

- Stringent hiring parameters ensuring the company is training the right DNA of Sales Scientist.
- Product testing so sales reps possess an intimate knowledge of what they sell.
- Mock calls to prepare sales reps for unexpected scenarios.
- Consistently refined metrics for trainers to measure progress within the Academy of Sales Science.

This unique training methodology educates and develops sales reps from mere trainees to full-fledged Inveniologists that easily step into a client’s business and quickly make sales goals a reality.

Once Sales Scientists graduate from the Academy, they have access to Invenio U, Invenio’s internal online LMS that hosts a robust, on-demand curriculum, ensuring Sales Scientists progress throughout their sales development arc. Invenio U leverages an HR platform and provides access to courses in sales training, testing, performance measurement, development of lead generation along with in-person, expert training in appointment setting and closing deals. Launched in Jan 2014, the Invenio U LMS currently offers 182 Subject Matter Expertise courses, including both Skillsoft courses and those created by our training team and sales leadership. With three levels of certification offered in Invenio U– Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D – Invenio’s Sales Scientists are able to continuously refine expertise in the field of sales.

Throughout the entire training process, Invenio offers sales reps ample coaching to ensure they are on track to sales success. Specifically, Invenio‘s Call Coaches and Sales Development Coaches help sales reps succeed. The Sales Development Coach (SDC) role is a recent addition to Invenio’s expansive coaching program. SDC’s monitor performance through extensive analytics and coach reps to metrics specific to performance. Invenio SDC’s focus techniques both on qualitative (demonstration of sales fluency in Invenio’s sales methods) and quantitative (activity and results metrics including ratios to work today’s gaining efficiencies) scoring of sales reps’ performances through frequent one-on-one sessions. While the number of one-on-ones vary based on the client, Invenio’s SDCs meet with every single sales rep at least once every quarter. This is not including the one-on-ones for new hires, which SDCs conduct every two weeks for the first two months of a sales rep’s tenure at Invenio. In the time period spanning July 2013 to December 2014, Invenio sales leadership and coaches completed a total of 8,703 one-on-one sessions with sales reps.

Based in data and analytics, Invenio’s coaching method is comprised of four key facets that Call Coaches and SDCs utilize to monitor and hone sales reps’ skills. The four cornerstones are Attendance, Intro, Discovery, and Close. Each metric offers insights about a sales rep’s ability to sell, pinpointing weaknesses and strengths. For example, while it may be common knowledge that better attendance ensures a sales rep will meet quota, Invenio’s coaching science explores why. Analytics break the assumption down to a molecular level, revealing that the difference between a sales rep who hits 80% of quota vs. one who hits 110% quota is a difference of a mere 15 min a day of attendance. This scientific approach enables Invenio’s Call Coaches and SDC’s to improve sales reps’ performance in ways that guarantee maximum results for the client. The sales reps’ performance metrics also expose knowledge retention trends that determine impact of training and how much training reps need and when, further refining the entire process.

Training is further enhanced by tapping into client resources. Clients also have the option of an onsite visit to see Inveniologists in action and further embellish Invenio’s already robust training. Inveniologists and clients get to work closely and foster partnerships that provide ongoing training, like product updates, to sales teams.

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