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Dr. Kate Siner

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: Dr. Kate Siner Inc., Providence, RI, USA
Company Description:Dr Kate Siner is an Entrepreneurial and Personal Development mentor, speaker, author and radio show host. Kate has a PhD in Psychology and years of both clinical and coaching experience. Her passion is to help people move past whatever holds them back so that they may embrace all they can be.
Nomination Category:Individual Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category:Mentor or Coach of the Year – Business

Nomination Title: Dr. Kate Siner, Owner,

Describe for the judges the nominated individual's activities and accomplishments that supported women in business since the beginning of July last year (up to 525 words):

Dr Kate Siner has helped thousands of women discover their passions, build their strengths, and launch their own businesses.

As a Personal and Entrepreneurial mentor, Dr Kate works one-on-one with her clients to facilitate their personal development. To do this, Dr Kate integrates multiple methods from therapy, life coaching and healing methods with a holistic perspective. Dr Kate's work enables her clients to uncover and release old patterns, increase awareness, and foster personal and professional change.

Many of Dr Kate's clients are women looking to launch service based businesses in the field of holistic healthcare. Dr Kate draws upon her own entrepreneurial experience to assist these women build successful businesses that add to - and not draw from - their overall sense of well-being.

Emily Volden, one of Kate's clients and owner of Psychotherapy Center for Wellness, explains her experience working with Dr Kate this way: "Since working with Dr Kate, I have deepened my impact, tripled my profit and aligned with my life's purpose."

Patsy Culp, founder of & Celebrate, says this of Dr Kate's impact: “I had the immense pleasure of spending a VIP day with Dr. Kate. In a word, it was monumental. Kate is not only whip smart and business savvy, but her energy and enthusiasm inspired me to take my business and life to new heights.”

In addition to her work as a Personal and Entrepreneurial mentor, Dr Kate leads the non-profit, Larger Visions. The central purpose and role of Larger Visions is to educate and support emerging women leaders dedicated to social change as well as provide effective outreach programs for victims of gender-based violence. For Dr Kate, when we harness the power to care for others, we transform lives on every level. Larger Visions takes this idea and puts it to action.

Dr Kate founded Larger Visions in 2011 and since then, she's been working with women in Santiago del Lago, Guatemala to teach trauma-management skills, educate women about gender-based violence, and encourage community solidarity. Larger Visions provides micro-loans to Santiago del Lago-area women to help them start businesses and is actively engaged in obtaining a larger grants that will allow for the further development of a safe house for women in Santiago del Lago.

In sum, Dr Kate is a remarkable, supportive force in the lives of so many female entrepreneurs around the world. I can think of no better candidate worthy of the nomination for the Stevie Award for "Mentor of the Year."

Provide a brief biography of the nominated individual (up to 125 words):

Dr Kate Siner is a Personal and Entrepreneurial mentor, author and speaker. With a PhD in Psychology, Dr Kate has facilitated transformational work for thousands of women around the world.

Dr Kate has been featured on NBC, ABC, Fox, and other major networks and speaks widely on fulfillment and success. She’s been featured and quoted in numerous journals, magazines, and online resources, and hosts her own radio show “Real Answers” each week. She’s a winner of the “2015 Women Entrepreneur to Watch Award” from the Rhode Island Small Business Journal.

While completing her PhD, Dr. Kate worked in hospice, addictions treatment, and private practice. She currently runs a non-profit, Larger Visions, dedicated to helping the women of Guatemala overcome gender-based violence.