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United Credit Consultants, Burnsville, MN

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2012, Click to Enter The 2014 American Business Awards

Company: United Credit Consultants, Burnsville, MN
Company Description: United Credit Consultants™ is a licensed credit service organization that is ranked within the industry top 1% nationally. A 2014 INC. 500 Award winner (#293), UCC offers credit report investigation services, credit building tactics, account management solutions, credit education & advising. Included is a licensed debt settlement aspect to each clients overall service options and experience!
Nomination Category: New Product & Service Awards Categories
Nomination Sub Category: Collaboration Solution – New

Nomination Title: United Credit Consultants™ has a collaboration of credit services, debt settlement options & real estate solutions for each consumer

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As a top 1%, nationally recognized credit service organization (CSO), United Credit Consultants™ has placed an emphasis on continuing to create services and features to fully service, manage and advise each client accurately with internal programs and service options

Since July 2013, innovative & collaborative efforts have been placed into the new service programs now offered within United Credit Consultants™. (UCC) would be the creation of Debt Settlement Solutions™ & United Real Estate Group. These ‘In-House’ programs and service options were developed to retain current relationships with the credit restoration clients who had been enrolled with UCC. UCC is currently the only MN-based credit organization that is licensed with the MN Department of Commerce for Credit Service & Debt Settlement.

The unique attributes to the United Real Estate™ Program now offered, is the utilization of a UREG agent for a home purchase will place the UCC credit service enrolled client in a position to receive a reimbursement of 50% or up to $500 back from the credit service program costs paid in. Upon showing HUD documents after the closing of their home, if they chose to have a UREG agent represent them during the home purchase process. This option gives each UCC client a credit-educated real estate agent, as well as 50% reimbursement on their credit service program costs.

The other program created and place as an active feature and service option is Debt Settlement Solutions™. This additional program, (DSS) gives each client the opportunity to settle or work out a payment solution on debts that are continuing to affect their credit report, score, and profile for lending approval. This service program is uniquely constructed by placing money and savings as a top priority while focusing on the improvement of the client’s credit as the standalone motivator of the settlement of debts.

This debt-settlement education highlights the understanding of credit and the negative effects collections have on consumer credit reports. The difference that a FICO™ Certified Debt Settlement Specialist makes is in the strategies implemented taken on both debt obligations and their impact on a person’s credit score. DSS provides clients with several resources and tools to help ensure they are successful. This includes information that will help them better understand all debt relief options, credit scores, budgeting, how credit cards work, and how to regain and maintain financial control.

The collaboration of Debt settlement services and real estate capabilities all under a credit service organization like United Credit Consultants is extremely rare if not unheard of in the credit industry throughout the nation. UCC saw this as an opportunity to set the business apart while continuing is service efforts on client’s improvement of credit and solutions for purchase options all under one roof.

Through the collaborative efforts and options now with these new programs, UREG has had multiple homes purchased in the first 12 months from UCC clients wanting to take advantage of all the perks that go with the credit services enrollment. To understand this, not only did they improve their credit overall for all credit-related opportunities, but they used a credit-educated agent that is a partner of UCC, making the process of choosing the right agent simple and effective. It also places a check of up to $500 back in clients’ pockets after purchases a home through the UCC program. This is a unique program that is unmatched nationally and poised for future success.

As our industry develops and the importance of credit continues to grow, so will United Credit Consultants™. Our strength and success comes from the unique services offered and the understanding of current regulation, guidelines, and requirements from lending institutions. Knowing the requirements for banks and lenders has allowed our development team to create credit services and programs that will pace future growth and success. This way of servicing clients has created thousands of 'Path to Credit Recovery™ Program' success stories.

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